Prop Stories

Storywise-  Prop Stories Workshop

Storywise- Prop Stories Workshop

Practical Magic: Prop Stories for Young Children

There are many ways of telling stories, and using objects while telling is one of the most enjoyable, for both the teller and the audience. In this very practical 3-hour workshop, you will be introduced to a number of stories that are enhanced by the use of objects. These may include: string stories, drawing stories, paper folding or tearing stories, handkerchief stories and sand stories. This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to tell stories to young children.

Comments from Participants

“We have learnt so much just within 3-hours.”

“The workshop gave me ideas in using props to tell stories to children. The various types of props taught are easy to follow and I am amazed by the trainer who presented really well.”

“I never knew there were so many ways to share a story. Keep up the good work! Children will be greatly blessed!”

“Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.”

“I will look up and improve myself, acting on the tips you’ve shown. I love the workshop!”


Trainer: Sheila Wee

Date:   The next public run of this workshop  is yet to be confirmed,  but it can be commissioned as an in-house workshop.

For enquiries contact Sheila Wee on:



Prop Stories Workshop

Prop Stories Workshop