Participation Stories

Joining In: Participation Stories for Young Children


Getting young children to participate in the stories you tell them, harnesses their energy (energy that might otherwise have gone into wiggles and giggles) and uses it to engage them on a multi-sensory level. In this highly practical 3-hour workshop you will discover how to manage audience participation and how you can add it to almost any story.


Courtesy of the Esplanade,Singapore

Comments from Participants

“Very interesting and enriching. I can apply the ideas in my classroom storytelling sessions. The presenter is very knowledgeable.””

“Fantastic! Really enjoyed the workshop!”

“Excellent, we were fed with so many ready-to-use-stories”

“Inspiring, very helpful in my perspective about storytelling. The delivery of the workshop made me believe a lot in the effectiveness of storytelling in child development and in communications between mankind.”

“Very enriching and a lot of fun.”

“I felt that the presenter made the materials presented applicable for the participants to relate to their work with children. Excellent!”

“It was a very interesting and engaging session. I understood that we can use the same story again with new creative ideas from the children.”

Trainer: Sheila Wee

Date: The next public run of this workshop is yet to be confirmed, but it can be commissioned as an in-house workshop

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