Did I Hear You Write?

Many children enjoy listening to stories, telling stories, reading stories, but too few enjoy writing them. Discover how you can harness that enthusiasm for stories and channel it into creative writing. This workshop will show how speaking, listening and reading activities can be woven into the writing process, to engage pupils in a holistic language learning environment.

The  workshop will be highly interactive, it will include  some formal presentations and  demonstrations of the techniques by the trainer and lots of participation by the attendees.

In the workshop you will:

  • learn how storytelling can be used to enhance pupils creative writing.
  • experience activities that that can be used in classrooms to bridge the oral  and  written forms of the language and improve both.
  • discover which types of stories will lend themselves to the creative writing process.

This workshop is suitable for primary school language teachers, or anyone working   with  improving the language skills of learners at different levels.  Comprehensive handouts will be given to all participants.

For enquiries contact Sheila Wee on: Tel 62583307  Email: sheila@storywise.com.sg