How to Dress Appropriately

August 31, 2009

A Mullah Nasruddin Story

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Once, Mullah Nasruddin, a wise and respected man, arrived at a grand dinner. When he approached the entrance, he was gruffly turned away because he was not dressed well enough. His clothes were too shabby for such a lavish ball.

The mullah went home, and picked out a shiny fur coat, and made his way back to the hall. Dressed like a king, he was lead straight through to the main table where everyone waited on him with sickly sweet politeness.

When the first course arrived, Mullah Nasruddin took a spoonful of hot soup and poured it all down his fur coat. Scoop after scoop he poured. “Eat, fur coat. Come on, eat! It is you that they wanted as a guest, not me!”

2 Responses to “How to Dress Appropriately”

  1. My father told me why we should wear appropriately when I was young.
    1) who invite you?
    you must respect the host.
    2) host thought that you are the guest of honour.
    if you wear shabby dress, like you are saying “I dont care you”.

  2. Hi,

    I do agree it is respectful to dress appropriately for the occasion. However, for me the point of this story is that we must respect people for their character and not for their wealth and status.



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